Cheers - Glass

Cheers - Glass

Everything you need to taste beers in style for this year's Screw City at Home.

This is just the "mock-up" and NOT the final look of the glass...

We really want to cheers and find something to celebrate this year with our community. This is our attempt to offer a way to come together on Sat. Sept. 12 and many days after.

We know how people have been collecting our glasses for the last 9 years, and if you have one than I am willing to bet you have a memory that quickly comes to mind the moment you reach for it in your cupboard. You might enjoy posting pictures of the glass filled with a beverage you want to show and share with others. You might pull them out for a special occasion. Whatever your reason we want to offer a new reason and a new experience to share with you, and others.

We LOVE seeing your social media tags of use of the glass #SCBF or #SCBF2020 #ScrewCityAtHome is how we ask that you tag and share this year's glass, experience, and past collections.

This year's event might not be ideal but it is geared towards offering an opportunity to connect with our community. We still wanted to have a way to celebrate the culture we have seen grow over the last 9 years to far exceed our event, our expectations, or even our wildest hopes.

We are setting this order up for "pick up" but if you do want one or more glasses shipped to you we will contact you after this purchase to arrange your best options because of the cost of shipping glass. So if you want 1 or more we will work with you to get you the best price based on your location and timeframes. In the meantime it may say "free shipping" but we will email you to confirm that you do or do not wish to pick it up and go from there.

Your digital event pass will be included in this purchase but will be emailed to you separately from this order.

On the day these packages get released for pick up, we will then share a video showing the "behind the scenes" of the process we put into place for you to get what we call our "directors cut" experience of making this event happen, including the logo design, planning, and curating.

To secure your "Cheers Glass" in time for Sat. Sept 12, we are only guaranteeing the kits that are ordered by 8/23/20 at 5pm (CST).