Screw City at Home Collection Box

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Screw City at Home Collection Box

Everything you need to taste beers in style for this year's Screw City at Home. (SHIRT SOLD SEPARATELY)

This kit includes:
15oz Custom Branded Glasses - (there is no 2 oz line on this glass to be ignored as you pour)
Coaster Pack
Bottle Opener
There will be multiple other pieces put into this box. The pieces put into here will be themed towards "experiences & activities" that you will use in many days to follow this day. Some things will be "collector pieces" and some might surprise you to the thoughts put into their use & purpose. Each piece has been curated with great thought towards use, sustainability, carbon footprint, to enjoyment.

On the day these packages get released for pick up, we will then share a video showing the "behind the scenes" of the process we put into place for you to get what we call our "directors cut" experience of making this event happen, including the logo design, planning, and curating.

Your digital event pass will be included in this purchase but will be emailed to you separately from this order.

If you want to arrange for pickup, please put in the coupon code "PICKUPSCBF" and we will email you for your pick up option times, and locations.

To secure your "festival at-home kit" in time for Sat. Sept 12, we are only guaranteeing the kits that are ordered by 8/23/20 at 5pm (CST).