“Sock Monkey vs. Symbol-bot” the T-Shirt

$30.00 - $33.00
 “Sock Monkey vs. Symbol-bot” the T-Shirt

Rockford Screw City: “Sock Monkey vs. Symbol-bot”

From the artist Tim Stotz:
A throwback to the year 2004, and a poster I did for Scott Snyder and the Rockford Art Museum’s group show: “Rockford Screw City, Artists Fabricating a History of Rockford”.

"I put a host of iconic Rockford images in there, but the most prominent is clearly a Sock Monkey…fighting a giant robot made out of Symbol—the red public art sculpture, down by the river. (But find all of the Easter eggs. There are more.)
The posters we made back in the day sold out quickly, and I have been getting requests for the poster, and other ways to get this classic design non-stop.
So, at long last, here you go. Enjoy the shirts, prints, and…more as we roll them out for you."

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